Grey Box One


There are only two boxes in this series. Both were re-purposed from older boxes originally using fluorescent tubes and mains power. The new versions have LED’s and a battery.

This one began life from the idea of a liquid flowing around an obstruction, maybe water flowing round a stone. However as I worked on the shape and texture of the “obstruction” it turned into something organic, maybe a seed pod or fruit. Quite often when I make these things my focus is on how the various layers will connect and open up one from another. The final result can be surprising, sometimes pleasing and sometimes puzzling.

Eventually I came to see this shape as being like a citrus fruit and it turns up again in White Box Twelve, which resembles a fruit machine.

Dimensions: 440 x 540 x 100 mm

Box Frame: MDF

Materials: card, foam card, tissue paper

Lights: LED strip powered by a Lithium Polymer battery

Light colour: Rosco Supergel

Screen: Acrylic

Price: On application