White Box Fifteen

Sea Wrack

White Box Fifteen is the second of this series in portrait format, contained in the same glossy white box turned on end. This piece is lit by LED strips, powered by a lithium polymer battery. In order to preserve battery life the lights are operated by a sensor that only turns on when somebody stands in front of it.

This work is the closest I have come to something pictorial. It began with the small skull in the bottom left hand corner, which knocked about in my drawing programme for a couple of months, turning up on the edge of other work. I then had the idea that it should be lying at the bottom of the sea, which required lots of other stuff to accompany it. Hence the many seed-like shapes that I have included in the work. Strictly speaking they should be sea-weed, but in reality they are simply interesting shapes drawn from various seed pods.

This light box is at present on loan to a friend living in Deal in Kent.

Dimensions: 460 x 355 x 110 mm

Materials: card, foam-card, tissue paper

Lights: LED strips powered by a Lithium Polymer battery

Light Colour: Rosco Supergel

Screen: PETG

Price: No longer available