White Box Series

The idea behind the White Box Series was to create a complete self contained enclosure with lighting and power that could be reproduced for a number of works without having to re-think the technical aspects of the construction. In other words all White Boxes are the same.

They are based on a glossy white cardboard box that I buy in. The lid of the box is then cut open to form a window. Inside the box are two strips of LED’s a battery and space for six layers of foam card. These are what you are looking at when you view the work. So that the battery doesn’t run down too fast there is a sensor on the bottom of the work that switches it on only when someone stands in front of it.

The coloured surfaces that you see when you look into the box are designed on a drawing programme and then cut for me by Applied Cutting Systems of Ashford. All the parts for a new box then turn up in the post. It’s very exciting to open the package and find a kit of pieces ready cut, a physical manifestation of my ideas.