White Box Seven

The Visceral One

WB7 Front View

White Box Seven is one of a series of works in landscape format contained in a glossy white box. Each of these pieces is lit by LED strips, powered by a lithium polymer battery. In order to preserve battery life the lights are operated by a sensor that only turns on when somebody stands in front of it.

These works come in two broad categories, the geometric and the loosely structured. Needless to say this is of the latter type. I find that the work progresses in both directions at present and no sooner have I finished a geometric piece than I find myself thinking of options for something more free flowing.

There’s something visceral about this piece as though we were looking through layers of flesh to some deeper layer where particles flow across the opening.

Dimensions: 460 x 355 x 110

Materials: card, foam card, tissue paper

Lights: LED strip powered by a Lithium Polymer battery

Light Colour: Rosco Supergel

Screen: PETG

Price: Not available for sale