White Box Thirteen

Squares Within Squares


White Box Thirteen is one of a series of works in landscape format contained in a glossy white box. Each of these pieces is lit by LED strips, powered by a lithium polymer battery. In order to preserve battery life the lights are operated by a sensor that only turns on when somebody stands in front of it.

This has been a very troublesome piece. What you see now is the third attempt to get it right. The original versions ended up being too complex and too cluttered. This simple sequence of squares is far more satisfying. In the centre panel they simply get smaller as you go back. In the side panels you see smaller squares set into larger ones, some are cut through one layer others through two and so on. Each layer gives a different colour. 

I have come to think of this work as the “sunshine window.” The combination of the bright colours and the obvious window-like shape is very uplifting on a dull winter’s morning.

Dimensions: 460 x 355 x 110 mm

Materials: card, foam-card, tissue paper

Lights: LED strips powered by a Lithium Polymer battery

Light Colour: Rosco Supergel

Screen: PETG

Price: On application