White Box Twelve

The Fruit Machine


White Box Twelve is one of a series of works in landscape format contained in a glossy white box. Each of these pieces is lit by LED strips, powered by a lithium polymer battery. In order to preserve battery life the lights are operated by a sensor that only turns on when somebody stands in front of it.

When I began this piece I was  interested in the organic shapes that can be created with a b-spline tool in my drawing programme (Drawplus). The shapes eventually came to suggest a citrus fruit and then the piece progressed into this three part image, like a virtual fruit machine. It has a fluorescent quality which I like, partly achieved by shining coloured light onto coloured surfaces.

Dimensions: 460 x 355 x 110 mm

Materials: card, foam-card, tissue paper

Lights: LED strips powered by a Lithium Polymer battery

Light Colour: Rosco Supergel

Screen: PETG

Price: On application